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    Summer Activities on a Budget

    Summer Activities on a Budget!

    If you’re anything like me, you love being outside in the summertime and getting your tan on.

    On a patio, in a backyard, on a blanket in the park with a book – anything to get outside and enjoy the sunshine.

    That being said, if you’re anything like me, you don’t like spending money either!

    Lucky for you, I’ve come up with a few summer activities that require minimum spending – or in some cases, no spending at all.  Continue reading…

    Why You Should Make Other Plans

    Why You Should Make Other Plans

    You know that saying, “life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans”?

    I never really understood what that meant. I mean, I obviously understand what it means, but I never FULLY understood what it meant until life happened while I was busy making other plans.


    As cliche as it is, it’s true. These last few weeks I’ve been MIA from blogging, but it’s not because I’ve fallen out of love with it. Sometimes you just need to take a break and recharge your batteries, and that’s exactly what I did.

    Why do I think you should make other plans?

    Well, take a look at all of the fun things I’ve done in the past few weeks, then get back to me.

    Continue reading…

    DIY Scrabble Coasters

    DIY Scrabble Coasters

    I know, I know, it’s been AGES. Life got a little hectic and busy, okay?

    And I bet you’re thinking, “Oh, it’s been over a month and a half, and now she’s back and trying to win us over with some silly – albeit super cute and fun – DIY post.”

    Well…. yeah. That’s exactly what I’m doing.

    Is it working?

    Good. Let’s move on.

    Continue reading…

    April ipsy Glam Bag

    April ipsy Glam Bag

    Can you believe that it’s been six months of getting ipsy glam bags in the mail, and I’m still as excited seeing the pink, shiny foil package as I was the very first time?

    Well you should believe it, because it’s true!

    After my glam bag from March, I went back onto and retook the quiz, hoping that I would get some fun, new products for April.

    Well, I wasn’t disappointed!

    Let’s take a look inside the April ipsy glam bag! Continue reading…

    My Struggle With Anxiety

    My Struggle With Anxiety

    I’m not writing this in search for sympathy, or a “there, there” with a pat on the head; I want to share my struggle with anxiety so that if other people are going through the same thing, they know they’re not alone.

    Although it’s becoming less taboo to talk about, it’s still a subject that not many people understand – especially those who haven’t experienced it first hand.

    It’s also the reason why I haven’t posted anything in a while. Well, that, and school, but mostly because I’d find myself in an “attack” and not know what to do.

    So, here it is.

    I suffer from generalized anxiety disorder (GAD). Continue reading…