Hello, beautiful burgundy lipstick! I’ve been looking all over for you.

With the cold, winter months approaching, I thought it would be time to change up my lipstick for the season. I spent about 45 minutes walking between makeup displays, swatching dark red lipstick on my hand in hopes of finally finding the perfect burgundy shade for the winter months. It was grueling (not really), but I did it.

Maybelline Colorblur


Maybelline’s Colorblur in Plum, Please is the perfect matte color stick; glides on smooth, lasts for hours without too much bleeding or smudging, and doesn’t dry out the lips as much as other matte lipsticks do. It also comes with this cool, rubbery smudger on the other end so you can “blur in” (as the name suggests) the color if you don’t want it too bold.

I love the boldness of it, though. It’s exactly the color I was looking for.

I never thought that I could pull off such a dark shade because I’m so pale. But I guess dark hair and a fair skin tone pair well with light eyes and bold, dark lips.

Trust me when I say that this is my new favorite shade for the winter; a nice, wine red that I believe anyone can pull off.

Maybelline Colorblur

Ladies, do yourselves a favor and grab this shade before I buy it all it runs out!



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