Bullet Journal Week One

It’s only been a week, but I’m so in love with my bullet journal already I don’t know how I lived without it for so long.

On Monday night, I started creating a wishlist of things that I want to eventually call my own. There aren’t many right now, but I’m sure it’ll fill up eventually.


On Tuesday, I sat at Starbucks after I wrote my final exam for my Grammar course, and tried to plan out the next few days. I was feeling a little iffy about the exam I just wrote – I flew through it, briefly pausing and skipping a few questions, but answering every single one that I could and going back to the ones I didn’t get right away – but felt uneasy after handing it in.

There are two options here: I either flew through it because I understood everything, or I was completely wrong and bombed the entire thing.

But, “what’s done is done,” and that’s why I doodled that saying under Tuesday’s date. I can’t change the outcome of what I’ve already written – I either pass (which I really hope I do), or I fail. Simple as that. Seeing that quote in my bullet journal every once in a while when I flip back to that page really helps let that sink in.

Planning out my week.

Wednesday night, I decided to make a list of cities & places that I want to visit eventually – everything from San Fransisco, to Paris, to Vancouver, to Beijing – I love to travel. I haven’t seen enough of Canada, despite living in the country for 27 – nearly 28 – years. It’s time.

Places to Visit

Thursday night after work, I sat and had a drink at the bar and wrote my 30 Under 30 bucket list (which you can read about here) while having a gin + tonic. Of course, I began planning for the rest of the week/weekend, too.

30 Under 30 Bucket List

Bullet Journal

I find that I’m much more productive when I’m kept accountable for things, and tracking it all helps. Although it is easier to sit and for the week, there are things that come up that cause me to migrate certain tasks (usually laundry and various cleaning).

This week has been especially long and stressful, trying to balance work and real life and school and blogging – I’m mentally and physically exhausted, but it’s not over yet. I’m boarding a plane this morning and will be on my way to Sudbury for the holidays; it couldn’t come at a better time.

Of course, I’ll be taking my BuJo with me and keeping you all updated on what little things I choose to add, and will probably try to map out my 2016 layout! :)

What will you be adding to your 2016 bullet journal?




  1. I adore your wishlist collection – I’m definitely going to add something like that to my 2016 BuJo! :D
    & your pages are all so lovely and colorful, I’m jealous!

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