January Bullet Journal

To begin, let me just wish you all a Happy New Year; 2016 will hopefully be a prosperous year for us all!

Alright, now the fun stuff – my January bullet journal set up! It isn’t fully complete, of course, but I wanted to share how I’ve started to plan my month.

I rounded off my 2015 planning with a “Things That Happened” and a “Things I’ve Learned” spread.

2015 Outlook

It’s not fully finished; I’m sure there are a lot more things that have happened/I’ve learned, but I think those will come to me in time. There are a lot of things that happened that are a lot more negative than anything, so I try to stay away from jotting those down.

I also wanted to have a full look at 2016, so I created this calendar and doodled around it.

2016 Calendar Outlook

I like this because it helps me see/keep track of the months as they happen. I added in some birthdays and some events/holidays, so if I need to take a quick peek at a month to see what’s going on, it’ll be there.

Before I went ahead and did my January planning, I added something I saw on the Facebook Bullet Journal Junkies page – a checklist of books I’d like to read, and movies/tv shows I want to watch. I may have borrowed the layout and font style, but it was just so pretty, I couldn’t help it!

Book/Movies/TV List

It’s not done yet, but it’s really hard to think of things on the spot, while you’re creating these lists. Luckily, it’s not set it stone and I can add to it whenever I want.

As for the individual month, I wanted to add a little something extra.

January Outlook

I wanted to have a quick glance outlook, but I also wanted to see the month as a whole – calendar style. I kinda screwed up, though, putting the first on the Thursday instead of the Friday, so rather than starting it all over and scrapping the page entirely, I just shifted the dates over. Doesn’t exactly look the prettiest, but I learned my lesson – don’t watch Grey’s Anatomy while journaling!

Instead of making any resolutions for the year, I decided to make monthly goals. It’s much easier to commit to something for a month as opposed to a year, and this way I can create new goals per month, depending on what’s going on in my life or what I happen to be working on.

I started my January dailies, too, but not much has happened in January yet, so it’s still fairly bare.


And that’s pretty much it; my January bullet journal beginning. I’m excited to start incorporating a few more things I haven’t thought of yet – perhaps a gratitude list, or a weekly reflection page?

Any thoughts, fellow journalers?




  1. Cute little calendar/journal! Such a good idea! I find if I don’t always have my journal with me all of my ‘good ideas’ for posts end up getting lost.

    Happy New Year & Cheers to new adventures blogging:)

  2. Love this! I need to set one up now! I have a fauxdori which is like a midori traveler’s notebook but it isn’t real leather :p I need to add a bullet journal into my setup. Right now I use a Plum Paper Planner.

    1. Oh, the bullet journal is life changing! I get so much more done – granted, I also doodle and daydream a lot more, but, hey, productivity is still up there!

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