This isn’t a joke! It’s the first day of April and my bullet journal has been set up for the month! Well, the beginning of the month, at least.

I recently wrote a post about staying motivated, so in keeping the spirit of not stressing out as much this month, I’m using April to simplify my life; keep my bullet journal simple, focus on what’s important, and stop sweating the small stuff.

Sounds easy enough, right?

Anyway, back to the bullet journal and my April set up.

I sometimes find setting up a new month difficult because I like to look back at previous months and see what worked, what didn’t, and what had the potential of working, didn’t, but would with some tweaks.

That being said, I found myself getting rid of a lot of spreads that I thought would work for me, but didn’t.

That’s a big thing about the bullet journal: you can customize it to suit your needs. If something doesn’t work, take it out and find something that does work for you!


April Bullet Journal - Monthly View

The last few months, I drew out a calendar and used that in addition to my ‘At a Glance’ spread.

This month, I decided not to draw in a full calendar, and just use my tasks page and my overview spread. I did like the full calendar, but I realized that my daily pages contained little notes and tasks that I was just repeating in the full calendar, and it seemed silly to log things twice.

This way, with only the important things to keep track of, I feel a little less stressed.

Well, that’s the plan at least. We’ll see how it works.


April Bullet Journal - Future Log

I did try something new this month – well, two new things – a future log and a brain dump!

A future log is a quick glance at either the next three or six months. I went with three – again, simplifying. I like to make sure I know what’s going on, just incase I have to plan ahead.

A brain dump spread is used to jot down notes, thoughts, ideas, tasks.. basically anything that’s hanging out in your brain that you want to write down and remember, but aren’t sure where it belongs just yet. I figure this will help me keep my thoughts in order, and hopefully won’t keep my brain so foggy.


April Bullet Journal - Oops!

So, I made a mistake.

I started writing my daily headers, and then realized I really didn’t like them. I wasn’t happy with the page in the slightest, so… I improvised! Whoever said my 2 years of improv training at Second City wouldn’t be worth it was wrong.

I took two pages from the middle of my Moleskine, my copper spray paint, and went to town!

April Bullet Journal - Oops!

Once it dried, I took some of my new washi tape, cut a bit off around the edges, and taped it over my ‘oops’ page.

April Bullet Journal - Fixing a mistake!


I think I’m going to leave it just like that.

It’s so simple, and it’s encompassing exactly what I want to focus on this month.

As for my dailies, I’m loving the banner header this month. Again, keeping it simple, but super elegant looking.

April Bullet Journal - Dailies


As you can see, I decided to get rid of my habit tracker and my gratitude log. Reasons being: I always forgot to fill them in, and I journal almost every night and like to keep that separate. Yes, I’m still going to put little doodles in my bullet journal to remind me of events or little things that happened during the day, but my journal is where I keep track of the big stuff.

I think that if I can find a way to incorporate some sort of habit tracker into my dailies, it would be a lot easier to manage. I’ll have to do some searching, but I’m sure someone out there has thought of something I could borrow!

I’m really enjoying this ‘simple’ thing. Simplicity is key sometimes, and even though I’m still going to use my bullet journal daily, I know that I’m only really focusing on what is important.

How long that’ll last for… well, we’ll see, I guess.


What are some of your favorite spreads to put in your bullet journal?

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  1. Carol S

    May 21, 2016 at 11:02 am

    First off, I absolutely LOVE how you covered up the page you wanted to scrap. I hate ripping pages out of my bullet journal, so this is a great alternate! Also, where did you get those marble sticky notes? I LOVE them!!

    1. Cassie Owoc

      May 22, 2016 at 11:23 am

      Thanks! I hate ripping pages out too, it always messes up the notebook and just makes me sad!
      The sticky notes are from a website/company called Cloth&Paper – – the cutest stationary stuff! :)

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