A lot has changed in the last couple of months.

I know I’ve been MIA, and I’m sorry about that.


I’ve been busy making changes (for the better!) in my life and it’s just been kinda tiring and a lot to handle. And as you all know, sometimes.. something’s gotta give. It sucked that it was writing + blogging, but I think the break made me realize how important it was to me and that I knew it wouldn’t be gone forever. 

ANYWAY — let’s not get sappy. Here’s what’s up:


I now work full-time as a receptionist at a doctor’s office, I’m still working at the pub — I THINK — and I’ve recently become a SeneGence distributor! So while one is full-time, the other two are part-time, but being a LipSense + SeneGence distributor is pretty much a full-time job.. so.. #balance.

But seriously though, have you heard of LipSense?! 

I’ll talk about that later.

I felt the need to sit down and write.. something. It’s kind of like that ‘you know you have to get something done and you’ve been meaning to, but stuff just got in the way so you keep putting it off’ feeling. So finally I forced myself to sit down, and write, but literally everything I could think of just seemed.. silly. I felt like nobody would want to read about how cute my cat is, or about the book I read, or how I was breaking out in hives for about two months in the summer and found out it was a stomach virus! I was feeling pretty shitty about blogging and writing anyway, so if no one was going to read what I wrote, why write it? You know what I mean? 

Anyway, I think I had an epiphany or something, because over the last few weeks I’ve really not cared what other people think about me, or.. anything really. I’ve been doing my own thing, speaking my mind, finding the things that really matter in life and trying NOT to focus on the things that don’t! If you’re not happy about something in your life, change it! 

For example, if you’re not happy at your job and feel like you could be doing more, find another job! If you’re unhappy with your current living situation, pack up and move! There are solutions to almost all of the problems, you just have to make the changes in order to SEE the changes. You can’t just wish them to happen, ya know?! 


I decided yesterday morning — like, seriously, MORNING cause I’ve been getting up at like, seven every morning because of the 9-to-5 — that I wasn’t going to let another weekend pass without writing or working on my blog. I had been meaning to update the look and style of it, so Black Friday online shopping on Etsy.com saved my butt, and I found this super ME theme. It was love at first-scroll. So I finally plopped myself down on the couch after furiously cleaning my apartment, and refreshed the look of the one thing I felt was holding me back.

And now, I write. The dude + his friend are watching the Argo’s compete for the Grey Cup, and I’m just sitting here, sipping my wine and typing away. It might not be anything important, and really, I’ve just been rambling the entire time, but.. this is it. 

This is my voice.




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