Lately, I’ve been frustrated beyond all reason. 

And if you’re wondering what me being frustrated has to do with crocheting, let me explain..

I’ll be doing some menial task, like the dishes or sweeping, and BOOM — an idea for a blog post, or business graphic, but I can’t seem to just hunker down and get anything written + posted! My mind will race and for those few moments its on my mind I AM SO MOTIVATED! As soon as I sit down so that I can get started, it’s as if the motivation just decides to take it’s lunch break and I’m sitting in front of my computer, staring blankly at a white screen + flashing cursor. 

It’s happened to me so many times in the last few weeks I’ve actually lost count, and it’s why I haven’t posted anything in a while. It gets a little repetitive when the same thing keeps happening over + over + over again. 


I’ve been getting extremely frazzled + stressed out + really anxious about it. From there, the self-doubt creeps in slowly, and I’m beginning to think it’s all pointless and am trying to rationalize WHY I’m doing all of this in the first place. The simple answer to that question is that I LOVE DOING THIS! I love helping other people + sharing my experiences with my friends, family, and total strangers that love living vicariously through other people. 

ANYWAY. I’m getting completely off track here. The point of this post was to share with you my secret to the ULTIMATE de-stressing tool I know: 

CROCHET — or as I like to call it,



I taught myself how to crochet back in December of 2012 — I remember this very clearly because that was when the restaurant I was working at closed due to bankruptcy and put us all out of work so close to Christmas. I couldn’t afford to spend much of Christmas gifts, and finding a job so close to Christmas is DAMN NEAR IMPOSSIBLE. So I decided to learn a new skill, find a new hobby, and make gifts for people instead of buying them. 

I went to WalMart, hopped on YouTube and started watching tutorials. I crocheted my first piece, an off-white headband (that was WAYYYY too big for my head! haha!) in less than four hours.

From that moment, I WAS HOOKED.

(see what I did there? HOOKED… like.. a crochet hook… yeah, you get it!)

It’s almost hypnotizing once you get the hang of what you’re doing. For the most part it’s the same stitch over + over again — but then you want to learn new stitches, so you YouTube a few more videos.. and then OH! A VIDEO ON HOW TO MAKE LITTLE CROCHET HEARTS?! OKAY! — it’s an easy spiral to get sucked into. 

AAAAAND!! Not only can I now make suuuper cute + personal gifts for my friends + family, my crochet habit has actually helped my anxiety at times, too. The want to over-analyze every little thought I’m having is engulfed by the necessity of paying attention to what you’re doing — and it’s REALLY easy to make a mistake.. well, at least it is for me. 

On a super nerdy note, the journalist in me came out, too, and soon I find myself googling “the history of crochet” and reading up on how Queen Victoria herself crocheted eight scarves for some South African veterans. Did you know that crocheting was invented while trying to figure out a cheap way to mimic lace? Well, you do now! 

Now all I can picture in my head is Queen Vic just hanging out by the fire, crocheting while obviously sipping on wine — cause what else do you do when you’re the Queen?

Anyway, this post has gotten way too long when all I REALLY wanted to say was how grateful I am that I’ve found something that takes me away from my problems + out of my own head, but keeps me sane enough to appreciate the little things — like how I’ve just written a post about crocheting, so the hobby I turn to when I’m lacking motivation actually motivated me to write.

Heh. Neat.


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