There’s always that one person in your group of friends who blurts out “I can’t wait for winter! I love the cold!” To that person — I SINCERELY dislike you right now. It hurts my face to leave the house. And I’m going to blame you for that. Let’s just recap what I’ve said so far: the air hurts my face.





I remember being seven or eight years old and flat out building a snow-fort that I could sit and hang out in on the deck outside and LOVING IT! Now, as soon as snowflakes land in my eyelashes I’m batting them like crazy and it feels like I’ve walked into a spiderweb or something — it’s just a very uncomfortable feeling when you have something ice cold float down onto your lashes, and then it slowly melts, creating these tiny pockets of cold water in-between your freshly mascara’d lashes… blaaaah. 

OH! Let’s not forget about walking through slush and a few inches of snow wearing a parka and huge, clunky boots. You get all sweaty from the parka, but your face is freezing from the frigid winter wind. To top it all off, your nose is runny and you’re sniffling ALL THE TIME.


I do love winter fashion + scarves + hats + sweaters + LAYERS! 

And as much as I hate to admit it, I used to be one of those people who thought that bright color lipstick wasn’t supposed to be worn in the winter, and now it’s my JAM. I paired two layers of Razzberry LipSense + one layer of B. Ruby LipSense and got the BEST winter pink:

Razzberry LipSense with B.Ruby LipSense combo

Wearing: Razzberry (x2) + B.Ruby (x1) + Glossy Gloss

Oh yeah, did I mention I’m blonde now? 

That’s a thing! 

But anyway, the point I’m trying to make is that I hate the cold, but I’ll totally go outside if it means I can look cute doing it + LipSense helps my lips look cute AF. I’m having so much fun experimenting with the pinks and finding the perfect winter colors! And my closet is actually serving it’s purpose as I’m finding new outfits to wear on a daily basis — weirdly enough, I plan my outfits based on the LipSense color I’ll be wearing that day.

Does anyone else do this? 

Am I just weird? 

Yeah. I’m just weird. 


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