It’s no secret that I’m obsessed with SeneGence and all of their products, so it should come as no surprise to you when you find out that the entire contents of my makeup bag are SeneGence! From skincare to mascara, every single product that touches my face is made by a company I’m extremely proud to work for.

I could go on and on about everything, but we’re here to talk about makeup, and more specifically, what I use on a daily basis. I’ve seen other bloggers + vloggers post “what’s in my bag?” and it looks like fun, so here’s a lil peak inside my makeup bag + plus some must haves!

PS. HOW FREAKING CUTE IS SHE?! Like, ???? for reals. 


Color Correcting Tinted Moisturizer (Light)

Y’alllllll.. this stuff! It’s light AS AIR, so it feels like I have absolutely nothing on my face! It isn’t streaky like some CC creams can be, and the coverage you get is amazing! It helps counteract any redness you may have happening on your face + helps decrease the appearance of sun spots AND wrinkles! Wear it alone, or underneath foundation for extra hydration + coverage. ALSOOOO — it’s suitable for all skin-types, even those who are prone to outbreaks! ????

MakeSense Foundation (Porcelain)

This oil-free, full coverage foundation is WATER RESISTANT, so it doesn’t come off until YOU want it to come off! It leaves my skin looking flawless, because when it’s applied with a brush it leaves almost an airbrushed look. But what I REALLY love about it is that it doesn’t clog your pores! My skin is still able to BREATHE throughout the day, leading to clearer skin in the long run. MakeSense Foundation also acts as a shield against the sun, so it’s kinda like your skin is wearing sunglasses = win/win.

MakeSense Silk Pore and Wrinkle Minimizer

The legitimate bomb-diggity. One little pump of this bad boy leaves your skin looking as smooth as a baby’s bottom! It’s essentially a primer that helps fill in wrinkles and any find lines, so I put it on before my foundation for that extra smooth finish. MakeSense Silk is loaded with skin-benefitting ingredients, too (we’re all about from starting from the inside); lavender, blue seaweed, orchid and algae are some of the key ingredients that help moisturize and nourish your skin! 

BlushSense Long Lasting Blush (various shades)

And when SeneGence says long lasting.. they mean both in wear AND in product! The littlest dab on either cheek gives me the perfect, waterproof + smudge proof rosey look, and I don’t have to worry about it fading away! My two favorite colors right now are Toasted Rose and Terra Cotta, but I can see this obsession expanding sooner or later! 


ShadowSense (various colors)

Smudge-proof, budge-proof, waterproof eyeshadow that will not come off until I WANT IT TO — AND (and this really is the best part!) IT CAN BE USED FOR SO MUCH MORE THAN JUST EYESHADOW: highlight/contour, brows, eye liner, blush, concealer.. and of course, eye shadow (duh)! It’s a cream to powder, highly pigmented shadow that has a two-minute blending window before it locks itself in for the day, and then it’s seriously LOCKED IN. 

LashSense with UnderSense (black)

Say goodbye to falsies, and say HELLOOOOO to UnderSense, the primer for your lashes that makes them appear longer + fuller! I’m guilty for being one of those girls who swapped back and forth, from mascara to mascara trying to find the PERFECT one, and here’s what I’ve figured out: it doesn’t exist. LashSense with UnderSense comes pretty damn close, though.. pretty damn close. The thing that sold me was how while it’s waterproof, it doesn’t dry out or flake off throughout the day, and it appears to almost bond ONTO your lash. However it works, it’s brilliant.

LipSense Lip Color (various colors)

And by various, I mean like 30+ cause my collection is outta controoool — in a good way, though. This lipstick — NOT A STAIN! — lasts anywhere between 4-18 hours, and is just as smudge-proof, budge-proof + waterproof as the ShadowSense (if not more so, considering it’s kiss-proof too)! It comes in over 50 different colors, and because of the layering system you can mix and match ALL OF THE COMBOS! Layer up to three different colors, pre-mix as many as you want.. the lip color possibilities are endless!! 


makeup bag senegence rose gold

PS. Did I mention there’s our anti-aging SenePlex Complex in pretty much EVERY SINGLE PRODUCT!?

LipSense being the exception (but that’s got it’s own benefits!), almost all of the SeneGence products contain SenePlex complex, which actually helps expedite cellular renewal by 23.3% and gives you glowing, younger looking skin. 

AND LADIES — while I am a SeneGence distributor, I would not be telling you to put this product all over your face if I didn’t think it was ah-mazing. I fully stand behind MY opinions, and MY opinions alone — I’ve been using solely SeneGence products since November of 2017, and I wish I’d have take a before photo, because the results are incredible! 

I encourage you to ask around, and see if any of your friends are SeneGence distributors if you’re interested, and if they’re not, shoot me a message over on Facebook and we’ll chat! 




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