Whether you wear makeup or not, lipstick is it’s own ballgame. It can enhance the natural color of your lips, fancies up an outfit, and if you choose the correct color, it can even make your teeth look whiter! I LIVE FOR LIPSTICK. I’m a firm believer that every there are five must-have lip colors every girl should have in their makeup bag, but we’ll get to that in juuuuust a minute.

And don’t get me wrong, I used to be TERRIFIED + lacked SO MUCH SELF-CONFIDENCE, leaving the house with a bold red on my lips was a no-no. I felt safe with a barely-there nude, or a subtle gloss to draw just the slightest bit of attention to them.  AND OH, HOW TIMES HAVE CHANGED! It doesn’t have to be bold and flashy, but I make sure that my lips have SOME sort of color on them before I leave the house. 

Working for SeneGence has not only increased my confidence, but has given me the tools (AND YES! — that includes the amazing ladies I’ve met in the process!) to overcome my fears and be BOLD and DARING and to not care what other people think. I’ve been happier + finding myself being more.. myself! At least, that’s just my opinion.

Anyway, let’s get to the main reason you clicked on this blogpost, #AMIRIGHT?

The FIVE must-have lip colors that every  girl needs to have in her makeup bag.


Every woman needs a go-to BAM lipstick color in her back pocket! Something that gives her the confidence to strut around with the attitude she’s got deep-down FINALLY out on the surface! My bold color is Purple Reign from LipSense. It’s the perfect plum to make the green in my eyes pop, and it just makes me feel badass.


There is ALWAYS need for a nude lip color: you can use it to tone down a bright color, or pop it on when you’re rocking a super bold eye. Nude is your backup, always. It works ALL THE TIME. My favorite nude is First Love from LipSense. The subtle pink pop it has + the fact that it’s SO PRETTY is just.. perfection.


I truly believe that EVERY. SINGLE. WOMAN. should own a red lipstick. Fly Girl by LipSense is the most beautiful crimson red that gives me heart eyes FOR DAYS. And I really don’t care what you all think + say — EVERY SINGLE WOMAN CAN PULL OFF RED LIPSTICK! It’s a myth that it’ll look bad on you, I promise. Red lipstick is like black clothing — it looks amazing on everyone.


Mulled Wine LipSense gives me the same warm feelings that ACTUAL mulled wine does — without the hangover the next morning! It’s a beautiful, deep burgundy that will draw focus to your lips for all the right reasons. If you’re wearing a super neutral eye, or just wanna add a little bit of sophistication to your look, a vivid dark color is the perfect lil somethin-somethin. Glam Doll + Blackberry LipSense are both tied for a verryyyyyyy close second.


Pink is the ultimate “girly” color, as it’s been so labeled in the media. BUT — it’s still a GREAT color for your lips. My favorite pink is a little bit on the coral side, but Sweetheart Pink does not disappoint! It’s flirty, fun, light + playful, and every girl needs one of those colors in her collection. With spring around the corner as well, pink is a perfect choice if you’re feeling feminine!


All of these colors just make me so happy. I always feel super confident when I’m rocking one of these five colors, or a combination including one of those five (you know, the whole ‘when you have two colors you ACTUALLY have eight’ thing with LipSense…). Let’s face it ladies, we could all use a little bit more confidence these days, even if it comes in the form of a tube!

What are your must-have lip colors?  

Leave me a comment and let me know!

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