I have this weird quirk where every couple weeks I binge-listen to an album CONSTANTLY until I can’t stand it anymore. I’ll still listen to my podcasts at times, but when I’m puttering around the house + trying to get some work done, music is my go-to.


Last month it was Justin Timberlake’s Man of the Woods album (cause hellooooooo!), but this month I’m all about this girl:

Grace FMA album cover

I first heard her on the Suicide Squad soundtrack — she’s the one with the wicked voice who covered “You Don’t Own Me” (Harley Quinn’s unofficial #bossbabe anthem). I’d constantly play that song over and over, and then finally a few weeks ago I downloaded her album on Apple Music and HOOOOOLY MOLY.

If you wanna jam out to one of my overplayed favourite songs, just play the video below now and keep on reading!

I adore this album.

It’s chill. It’s doing-housework chill, it’s running-errands chill, it’s putting-on-your-makeup chill.. but it’s also sultry and sexy and flirty and fun + just.. ♥️

She’s got this folksy/crooner voice with a really interesting tone to it, and her songs just.. make you feel good. Basically, if Adele + Amy Winehouse had an Australian lovechild, it’d be this girl, I swear it! Her voice has this melodic soul to it that’s just uplifting. It’s “having coffee on the front porch in the summer” feel good music.

But she’s also just a badass!

coffee = ♥️

And YEEEESSSSS — I know she’s talking about a guy + it’s all a metaphor, blah blah blah, but… this is how I really feel about coffee too!!

I’m kidding. Kind of.

Aaaaaanyway.. if you enjoyed that song, I highly recommend the rest of her album + if you do download it, let me know what you think!!

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