My lovelies! I feel like it’s been a while, but prepare to hear from me a little bit more often from now on — PROMISE! I didn’t take into consideration how much time is needed having a full-time job + fullPART-time (although, pretty much full time!) lil side biz + blog — phew! I feel like a busy, busy lady!


If you’ve been following my adventures on Facebook or the ‘gram, you might have noticed that I’m all about makeup these days — including skin care (SO IMPORTANT!!), so I wanted to chit-chat about brushes: the do’s + don’t’s, the tips + tricks! CLEANING YOUR BRUSHES IS A MUST!

Makeup brushes are probably the most disgusting things we put on our faces. Beauty blenders are probably even worse! The amount of bacteria that just chills INSIDE your blender… it actually makes me ill thinking about it.

And now, you’re probably thinking, “but Cassie, surely my makeup brushes and/or beauty blender doesn’t qualify! I wash my face every day, so, my brushes only ever touch clean skin!” Even if that’s the case, your brushes are probably harbouring tons of little bacteria-fugitives that are eagerly waiting to jump onto your face and make their new home in your eyelashes + pores. FREAKING GROSS.

I clean my brushes weekly using SeneGence Brush Cleaner, and it’s the EASIEST THING EVER! Just pour a little bit of it into a shallow dish, allow your brush to soak in the solution for about 20 seconds (you can wiggle it around to help loosen some of the makeup off), and then rinse with hot water until it runs clean. Baby shampoo works just as well!

SeneGence brush cleaner makeup brushes


PS. Cleaning your brushes often will actually help you get a cleaner application — so say goodbye to muddied application + shades!


Laying them on a flat surface post-wash will allow them to keep their shape. I put mine on a towel and let them dry overnight. If you can, let them dry close to an open window or sunlight — it helps them dry faster. PLUS they won’t get a funky, moldy odor like they would if they were drying in a dark, damp room (like a bathroom).

An alternative to laying them flat is storing them bristles down, but be sure they’re not going to bend or even break when you have them like this.


There are so many different makeup brushes available, it’s hard to keep track of what’s actually essential in your collection. And honestly, it’s probably less than you think. To properly apply your makeup, you only need SIX brushes: a foundation/concealer brush, a powder brush, a contour brush, a crease brush, a blending brush, and an angle brush. I have a lot quite a few more than 6, but in order to get a clear application I try to stick with like shades on each brush.

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Lord knows how much money I would have saved over the years knowing all of this information! GAH! I’ll admit that I was one of those girls who thought the more brushes the better. But having the basic brushes + a few extra special ones will save you money in the long run. I’d recommend buying an inexpensive set of brushes to get yourself started.


The length of your brush bristles matters; a longer, finer haired brush will give you a softer look + less coverage, whereas a short haired brush will give you better coverage with a fuller application. That’s why blending brushes are usually pretty fluffy, where a foundation + contour brush usually have shorter, more condensed bristles.

With all of that in mind, synthetic brushes are best when you’re using liquid + cream products because they don’t trap the makeup at the base — or, cuticle. Natural brushes are best when using powder products, and because they’re made from animal hair their cuticles WILL absorb liquid makeup more than synthetic ones do. If you’re a natural-bristle brush user, just be careful using liquid products.

synthetic = liquid/cream
natural = powder

My brushes are all synthetic (and I got them all from the website I linked above!), however they’re made with very soft bristles that FEEL super natural. I know, it’s confusing, but being synthetic they work great on all of my SeneGence products!


I hate to say it, but brushes get old too. If your brushes are shedding bristles, popping off their handles or are impossible to get “cleaner than the day you bought them” clean, it’s time to toss them! Trust me. It’s the same with beauty blenders — they get to a certain point of grossness that you just can’t come back from. No matter how much you try to justify keeping the damn thing, face facts and just toss it.

This means you get to go shopping. For makeup brushes. And maybe makeup.


So after you finish reading this, go take a look at your brushes. Can you replace some (or even ALL) of them? Do they need cleaning? Take some time and love your brushes!

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