I FINALLY HAVE THE ANSWER TO A FRESH, SUMMER LOOK!! … not that I didn’t before, but this upped the game HARDCORE!

If you haven’t seen, SeneGence JUST released it’s Tropical Collection of ShadowSense for the summer, and OHHH EMMMM GEEEE!!! ?

      SeneGence Palm Glitter ShadowSense SeneGence Pink Hibiscus Shimmer ShadowSense SeneGence Tropical Orchid Glitter ShadowSense SeneGence Lava Shimmer ShadowSense



I had to jump on and do a live demo of these BEAUTS (scroll down if you just can’t wait to watch it) + created a really fun, tropical eye look!

If you’re not familiar with it, ShadowSense is a SUPER pigmented, less-is-more eyeshadow that will not run off your face if you’re sweaty or swimming (swimming in your own sweat counts too!) + has ANTI-AGING BENEFITS?! It’s creme to powder, so it’s versatile — I’m actually wearing Copper Rose Shimmer on my cheeks as a bronzer/blush!

The best part about playing around with creme to powder eyeshadows is that they are SO BLENDABLE! It’s a great way to get a flawless ombre eye look, AND you don’t have to worry about it creasing + sweating off, or muddling into a half-on-half-dripping off puddle of eyeshadow!

PLUS — think of all the fun color combinations you can only DREAM of creating!? ?? 

SeneGence ShadowSense LipSense

Oh, and straight up — this photo has NOT BEEN DOCTORED in ANY way! This is just the result of a great skincare routine, amazing makeup that gives you SUCH a natural look (like, I LOVE that my freckles still come through!), and a pretty decent camera. Just FYI. 

For those of you curious, my LipSense is two layers of Samon + one layer of Razzberry. I wanted a fun, bright, tropical-ish color to draw the beauty that is Pink Hibiscus Shimmer out from the eye look! 

Now before you get all judgy and “well that’s not how Kylie does it ??‍♀️”, I AM NOT a makeup artist! I do this for fun because I LOVE TO CREATE THINGS, and a face is as good a canvas as any! 



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