For the most part, I have been blessed with fairly clear skin. ??‍♀️??‍♀️

Don’t worry, I get the random zit + dark circles under my eyes, but I must admit that I was preeeetty lucky to scrape by using a really good — or, what I thought was really good — concealer to cover it all up.

Again.. I repeat.. I WAS LUCKY.

No matter how much I scrub and exfoliate my face, and properly hydrate and moisturize, I still get breakouts. And they still suck just as much as they did in my teenage years.

You’d think the only thing that would suck about being an adult would be the paying bills and working bit + you wouldn’t have to worry about acne anymore — but adults can get acne up until — and over — the age of 40.


So here’s the 411 you should know about breakouts + your face:

Acne happens when hair follicles are clogged up with oil, makeup, dirt + dead skin cells. This is why a routine of taking off your makeup + washing your wash EVERY DAY is so important! Incorporating an exfoliant into your routine is a REALLY great way to get rid of excess dry, dead skin that could eventually cause more breakouts.

There are three major zones that our faces are made up of, and they are the t-zone, your cheeks, and your chin/jawline. Everybody’s different + I’m not an expert, but where your face breaks out can actually be a reflection of other issues we may be having.


This could mean a few different things, but the most common culprit here is a poor digestive system. Runner up is a diet too rich in fat, followed by alcohol and dairy products.

Let’s be honest though, wine + cheese?



Lower your alcohol intake by a few drinks a week and see if that helps, and pay more attention to the kind of fat you’re eating — not all fats are good fats!


Bacteria is the prime suspect here! Cellphones, dirty pillows, touching your face without washing your hands after touching your cellphone — seriously, your phone is like the filthiest thing you own. ?

BUT — breakouts on your cheeks could also mean stomach or liver issues, so if a cleanser isn’t helping your face stay clear it’s not a bad idea to see your doctor.


Clean your phone every week; that thing is seriously DIS-GUS-TING and we put it up to our face/touch our faces after using it ALL THE TIME. A good cleanser used daily will help keep your skin clear and bacteria free! 


Whether we like it or not, us ladies have to deal with our hormones on a daily basis, and those ass****’s like to hang out predominantly on our chin, and further up along the jawline. Stress is also a contributing factor, along with processed sugars and really starchy foods — so you know, pretty much all of the things we like to eat when we’re all hormonally imbalanced + moody. 



I struggle with cystic acne from time to time, which is when it builds under your skin but never breaks the surface. It’s painful + leaves this red, swollen bump on your face you really can’t do anything about. If you try to pop it, it scars — SO, DON’T POP CYSTIC ACNE! Go see a dermatologist ASAP! Otherwise, I’d say don’t eat sugary, greasy, deliciously starchy food when you’re PMSing.


So. We can’t control our hormones + illnesses, but we can control a few other things that cause us to breakout. Here’s what I recommend because it’s worked for me: 

 drink all of the water – stay hydrated and flush those toxins out! 
 take off your makeup + wash your face before bed
 change up your diet (less sugar/dairy)
 invest in a good cleanser — hit me up if you’re looking for one that’s tailored to YOUR skin type!
 don’t stress out over things you can’t control


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