I know it’s been a while and all I’ve been posting about is makeup and beauty tips + advice, so I’m finally sitting down to fill y’all in on what’s been going on in my life. 

FYI — don’t get all hyped up for a really intricate, cleverly written story.. it’s not super exciting. BUT, it’s made a significant dent in my life lately, so why not share? 

PS. I’m also obsessed with really sassy + cheeky motivational quotes, so here are a few of my personal favorites right now.

The biggest deal, however, is a solid change in career — 


I’m calling it “stepping away” instead of flat out saying I quit, and that’s because I’m not really sure if I did quit. I’ll always love the theatre, and my passion for the art of acting is never fully going to leave me, this I know for a fact. And I can’t realistically say I’ll NEVER act again.. so.. 

#technicalities ??‍♀️??‍♀️

Anyway, long story short, the vibes I’d been getting from acting were all just negative. I used to LOVE getting an audition — prepping the sides, really diving into the character + pin-pointing every single little detail about them — but towards the end of that chapter of my life, getting an audition was more of a setback. I’d have to figure out if I could miss work, find someone to help me tape + edit a self-tape, and let’s face it, 98% of the time you DON’T book the role. It was becoming more stressful than fun, and it was time to step away.  

I don’t regret my decision, and the door is never fully closed in my opinion, so.. we’ll see what happens, I suppose. For now, though, I’m so content doing what I’m doing and it’s been magically life-changing. 


I like to think that my full time job is running a blog (albeit, EXTREMELY POORLY over the last little while — yiiiiikes! ??) + lil beauty counter of my own! The gig at the doctors office is great for paying the bills and making sure I’ve got rent covered, but my heart belongs to my creative nature. 


After attending a company training event a few weeks ago, it’s become more apparent to me that I really enjoy being my own boss. I’ve learned to fall back on my creative, artsy ways + problem solve to the best of my ability before asking for help. But, DAMN it feels good to solve problems on my own! 

Plus, I can work from home. HELLOOOOO — NO BRAINER! 

It’s helped me open my eyes and mind to so many things around me + make the proper changes to be able to fix things that didn’t bring me joy. I konmari’d my life — if it didn’t bring me joy, I got rid of it. That includes:

  • Negative people: Nope! Vamoose! I purged my Facebook friends list and got rid of any bad vibes + my feed is so much more uplifting and positive now! #winning
  • Negative workplace: I left the pub + began working at the doctors office to keep bills paid, but the best change I made was finding the one job I could do anywhere, as long as I have my phone and my internet connection. 
  • Negative thoughts: If I can train my mind to get rid of them, YOU CAN TOO. I was seriously the most pessimistic person until I realized that if I stopped to think about the positive side of things, it was never really THAT bad. 



Never better!  ?

My boy + I still cuddle our kitty — and I SWEAR she likes him more than me sometimes, but, whatever. We’re really ready to move into our own place, decorate from scratch + finally get a puppy. It’s all so exciting + also SO FRUSTRATING to find a new apartment/house to rent that has everything we both want and is decently close to both of our jobs. BAH.

It’s really weird to be at that point in your life where things are going decently well + your head is above water and you’re floating without wearing those dreaded, pinching water wings. But, it really is the most rewarding feeling to find something you like doing + you’re good at, that makes you feel like a rockstar in the process.

It’s important to stay motivated even when you’re feeling the LEAST motivated in the world. (Trust me, my dude had to keep reminding me that my ‘blog post wasn’t gonna write itself’ — so rude, but it worked!) So find out what’s stopping you from being happy and SOLVE THE PROBLEM. 

On that note, that’s it from my end. Like I said, it’s not that exciting of an update, but I’m so much happier + more confident in myself it’s stupid. 

If you wanna read more about a positive outlook + how to change your mindset, leave me a comment below and I’ll touch more on that in another post!

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