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crochet hook and yarn


Lately, I’ve been frustrated beyond all reason.  And if you’re wondering what me being frustrated has to do with crocheting, let me explain.. I’ll be doing some menial task, like the dishes or sweeping, and BOOM — an idea for a blog post, or business graphic, but I can’t seem to just hunker down and […]

Sugar cookie with a bite missing, crumbs on the black, grey, and white counter.

Sugar Cookies and Sauvignon Blanc

It’s a grey, rainy Monday night in Toronto, but my kitchen smells like sugar cookies (and my mouth has the lingering taste of Sauvignon Blanc). I spent the day doing laundry and vacuuming and cleaning the litter box and washing multiple stacks of dishes. So what am I doing to make time for myself and […]

Cross between a Ragdoll and Birman cat.

Easy Ways to Pet Proof Your Home

Hello lovelies!  Many of you know that just last week I adopted my friends cat, and have been 110% obsessed with the furry little feline ever since. She’s only been here for a week but she’s quickly evolved from being a little princess to a majestic, fluffy queen. I was so excited about getting her that […]

DIY Scrabble Coaster

DIY Scrabble Coasters

I know, I know, it’s been AGES. Life got a little hectic and busy, okay? And I bet you’re thinking, “Oh, it’s been over a month and a half, and now she’s back and trying to win us over with some silly – albeit super cute and fun – DIY post.” Well…. yeah. That’s exactly […]

Brown Sugar Coconut Oil Lip Scrub

I love coconut oil. I also love DIY projects and skincare. So, how thrilled am I to tell you all about a DIY skincare product that’s super easy to make? Extremely. We all know that coconut oil is “in” these days; a previous post I wrote highlighted a few different ways you can use coconut oil in […]

Coffee Mug Design

I love coffee. Have I mentioned that before? I also love nail polish and crafting. What do you get when you mix all three together? A DIY Coffee Mug design using nail polish instead of sharpies! I browse Pinterest far too often, and people are using nail polish for everything these days: their nails (obviously), painting their […]