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Lately, I’ve been frustrated beyond all reason. 

And if you’re wondering what me being frustrated has to do with crocheting, let me explain..

I’ll be doing some menial task, like the dishes or sweeping, and BOOM — an idea for a blog post, or business graphic, but I can’t seem to just hunker down and get anything written + posted! My mind will race and for those few moments its on my mind I AM SO MOTIVATED! As soon as I sit down so that I can get started, it’s as if the motivation just decides to take it’s lunch break and I’m sitting in front of my computer, staring blankly at a white screen + flashing cursor. 


DIY Scrabble Coasters


I know, I know, it’s been AGES. Life got a little hectic and busy, okay?

And I bet you’re thinking, “Oh, it’s been over a month and a half, and now she’s back and trying to win us over with some silly – albeit super cute and fun – DIY post.”

Well…. yeah. That’s exactly what I’m doing.

Is it working?

Good. Let’s move on.


Coffee Mug Design


I love coffee. Have I mentioned that before?I also love nail polish and crafting. What do you get when you mix all three together? A DIY Coffee Mug design using nail polish instead of sharpies!I browse Pinterest far too often, and people are using nail polish for everything these days: their nails (obviously), painting their keys to tell them apart, using clear nail polish on the inside of a ring to keep from turning your finger green, and now, I guess, to decorate coffee mugs! At least, that’s what I’m using it for.THINGS YOU’LL…


There’s a (Chandler) Bing in my Bed!


Could this BE any more amazing?A few weeks ago I ordered this pillowcase on from a little Utah-based company called Ander’s Attic (ships worldwide, and quickly, too!).These cases are wicked quality; handmade from a 100% cotton fabric and vinyl for the design, with a zipper close at the bottom that tucks away nicely so you can’t see it when it’s all closed up.You may think it’s pricey considering it’s a pillowcase, but I’m honestly very impressed with it. Having done a few craft projects myself, I know how…


No-Sew Pillowcase


A gloomy, cloudy Saturday makes for a perfect craft day!When I was rummaging through all of my clothes, I found a t-shirt that I loved, but it just didn’t fit right. I didn’t want to throw it away, so I decided to recycle it and turn it into a pillowcase! After getting a new bed and bed sheet set, I didn’t have enough throw pillows, but I did have one old, dingy pillow that desperately needed a facelift. Perfect!I don’t have a sewing machine, and to be honest, I don’t really know…