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Valentine’s Day Inspired Outfit


Hello lovelies, and happy Valentine’s Day!! ❤️

I’m already so pumped full of chocolate and candy (well, hot chocolate and a donut.. but.. same thing, right?) and it’s only 11am! It’s been a while since I’ve enjoyed a Valentine’s Day; I’ve had a bad history of dating in the past…. it’s a long story. I could seriously write a novel about it all, and have considered doing so, but who would want to read a bunch of dates gone wrong and tons of text message fails. 

Actually, that sounds like it could be pretty funny. Hmm.

Well, the boy and I aren’t really doing much today; probably just cooking dinner together and heading out for a drink or two, or going to see a movie. Keeping it pretty low key is how we like to roll. Either way, I have a cute little outfit all planned out that’s perfect for staying in, going out, and everything in between. 

Plaid scarf, Kate Spade purse, burgundy pants from Old Navy.