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April Bullet Journal

This isn’t a joke! It’s the first day of April and my bullet journal has been set up for the month! Well, the beginning of the month, at least. I recently wrote a post about staying motivated, so in keeping the spirit of not stressing out as much this month, I’m using April to simplify […]

The Basics of Bullet Journaling

The Basics of Bullet Journaling

There are more and more people starting to talk about bullet journaling, and I’m loving the fact that it’s becoming a popular method of planning, but I feel like the basics of bullet journaling are getting lost in the shuffle. So many people have different styles and create content in their bullet journals that encompasses […]

Five Ways To Be More Productive

Five Ways To Be More Productive

If this post was a movie, it would go a little something like this… We open on a tight shot of a Macbook keyboard, and fingers actively typing away.  VOICEOVER: I used to make fun of the people who would sit at Starbucks and clickety-clack on their computers. We pan out and see that I’m sitting […]

Why I Doodle in My Bullet Journal - The Brunette With a Blog

Why I Doodle in My Bullet Journal

I noticed a lot of people on the Bullet Journal Facebook group going back and forth between doodling and not doodling in their BuJo. Some journalers prefer the simple layout – sticking to one color and simple, structured pages. Other journalers, like myself, prefer to doodle – my pages are all over the place, and […]

January Bullet Journal

To begin, let me just wish you all a Happy New Year; 2016 will hopefully be a prosperous year for us all! Alright, now the fun stuff – my January bullet journal set up! It isn’t fully complete, of course, but I wanted to share how I’ve started to plan my month. I rounded off […]

Bullet Journal Week One

It’s only been a week, but I’m so in love with my bullet journal already I don’t know how I lived without it for so long. On Monday night, I started creating a wishlist of things that I want to eventually call my own. There aren’t many right now, but I’m sure it’ll fill up […]