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Call me a little nerdy or lame, but I LOVE to research! It comes naturally to me; I love to learn new things and be able to really understand something. To me, there’s nothing better than getting lost in a research spiral (she says, pushing her glasses up the bridge of her nose).When I began using SeneGence products, I kept seeing the words “SenePlex complex” on the majority of our products, I was so curious to dive into the nitty gritty and find out what this REALLY is + what it does for our skin — ESPECIALLY when I would…


My Everyday Skincare Routine


Weeeee, it’s FRI-YAYYY! That means it’s the weekend in one more sleep. Actually.. it doesn’t mean anything to me; I work every Wednesday – Saturday night.. so.. my weekends are always Sunday – Tuesday.. but, for the rest of the world, WEEKEND! 

I’ve recently gotten a few comments on Instagram and Twitter about my skin, mostly about how it’s so flawless and looks so youthful. Well, shucks! Thanks! Y’all can’t see it, but I’m blushing; really, I am.

The Body Shop Tea Tree Face Mask


ipsy February Glam Bag


Knock knock!

Who’s there?

My ipsy February glam bag!

I was more than surprised yesterday afternoon to see it in the mail a few days before it usually arrived.

Let’s take a peek inside, shall we? 


My January Obsessions


I’m a fairly obsessive person.

I can admit that and feel no shame whatsoever.

It’s not out of control, or anything, but if I like something enough you’re bound to hear about it at one point.

As it turns out, I find that there are new things I become obsessed with on a regular basis – hair styles, skin care products, scents.. basically anything. It’s the last day of January, and since we’re in a new year, I thought I’d start a new series of posts – My Monthly Obsessions.

Here are my January obsessions.


Brown Sugar Coconut Oil Lip Scrub


I love coconut oil.

I also love DIY projects and skincare.

So, how thrilled am I to tell you all about a DIY skincare product that’s super easy to make? Extremely.

We all know that coconut oil is “in” these days; a previous post I wrote highlighted a few different ways you can use coconut oil in your everyday cooking and beauty routines.

Its health benefits are endless, and it’s one of the most versatile all natural products out there. So naturally, I made a brown sugar coconut oil lip scrub.

In my January ipsy Glam Bag I received a lip scrub that I wasn’t super keen on, and I mentioned that I preferred my own. I decided to share my recipe with you all, because a) it’s super easy to make, b) only needs 3 ingredients, and c) who doesn’t love a good lip scrub?


ipsy January Glam Bag


It’s that time of the month again.

No, I’m not talking about THAT time of the month – ipsy’s January Glam Bag has arrived!

The last two bags I’ve received I really enjoyed (you can read about those here and here).

To be completely honest, I’m not thrilled with everything in this month’s bag. You win some, you lose some I suppose.

I’m utterly in love with the bag that it came in – those glasses! It’s very Warhol.