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My Kitty Got Spayed (and All She Got Was This Lousy Onesie)!


My poor, poor, sweet baby angel (and bonus points for you if you get that reference!)!

The spay happened almost a week ago, and I’m ridiculously impressed at how well she’s doing. She’s already running around like crazy (but not too crazy otherwise I’ll stop her and try to calm her down so she doesn’t hurt herself) and being the same old sucky, love-y Leia. 


How To Build a Cat Tree


My mom has the worst case of “grandma fever”. So naturally, she was disappointed when I told her I was getting a cat rather than having a baby. But did that stop her from spoiling her grand-fur-baby?

Absolutely not.

Little miss Leia received a huge, heavy package in the mail last week. Grandma bought her a pretty epic cat tree, and I must say, it’s legit. It’s four levels high, has toys, a hammock, and a little cat condo for her to sleep in.

It’s the Millennium Falcon of cat trees. Get it? Cause her name is Leia… Star Wars… yeah, you get it. 


Easy Ways to Pet Proof Your Home


Hello lovelies! 

Many of you know that just last week I adopted my friends cat, and have been 110% obsessed with the furry little feline ever since. She’s only been here for a week but she’s quickly evolved from being a little princess to a majestic, fluffy queen.

I was so excited about getting her that I completely forgot to pet proof my house before I brought her home. The first day she was here, I’d try to keep tabs on her at all times so I knew she wasn’t getting into anything she shouldn’t. 


The Cat Diaries: Introducing Leia!


Happy Monday!

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything, and I know I suck, but there’s a pretty darn good reason! I’ve been busy getting things organized and visiting with family & friends, yeah yeah yeah.. but the best thing ever happened last week!