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Sugar Cookies and Sauvignon Blanc


It’s a grey, rainy Monday night in Toronto, but my kitchen smells like sugar cookies (and my mouth has the lingering taste of Sauvignon Blanc). I spent the day doing laundry and vacuuming and cleaning the litter box and washing multiple stacks of dishes. So what am I doing to make time for myself and relax? 

Well, I’ll tell you. Here’s my secret to relaxing:

I poured myself a glass (or three, whatever) of wine and baked some sugar cookies. 


Maybelline Colorblur


Hello, beautiful burgundy lipstick! I’ve been looking all over for you.With the cold, winter months approaching, I thought it would be time to change up my lipstick for the season. I spent about 45 minutes walking between makeup displays, swatching dark red lipstick on my hand in hopes of finally finding the perfect burgundy shade for the winter months. It was grueling (not really), but I did it. Maybelline’s Colorblur in Plum, Please is the perfect matte color stick; glides on smooth, lasts for hours without too much bleeding or smudging, and doesn’t dry out…


Wine & Reason


I love a good bottle glass of wine. A crisp, chilled Sauvignon Blanc does the trick after a long day. Like today – today was a long day, and you can bet that my wine glass is pretty full right now. Okay, half full – but that just means there’s room for more wine!You know who else loves wine? My friend Richie. He loves wine so much, that he’s started a blog called Wine & Reason. Basically, it’s wine on a budget, paired with whatever reason you need to buy wine. Sometimes, my reason for buying wine is…